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The Doan Report: Jen Duncan, Ann Wehener and Katrina Burns take on the Doan

A Richard Schlenk special in The Land, Wicked Running took to the mysterious gorge of Doan Creek and braved rooty, rocky, post-apocalyptic ruins for 800 feet of elevation gain every 12.5k to give back to the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership and Girls with Sole.

How do you tackle such a grueling course? Out of the three Wicked Runners who took it on, we really like Katrina’s approach: run the fun run & develop your graffiti skills.

For Ann, who did the less reasonable 25k, she took 2nd in her age group after an attack by an angry group of yellow jackets. She knew of the horror stories of a very challenging, technical course, but wanted to run it at a race effort instead of just treating it like a training run. Ann says that she was able to meet that goal: “I was able to run all but the very technical parts and the longer, steeper hills at a consistent tempo pace effort, and met my goal time of a sub-5 hour with a 4:37 finish. I credit the many track workouts and tempo runs with Wicked Running in giving me both the stamina and confidence to know that I could actually ‘race’ this course!”

For Jen, she used the 50k to set her on her way to a nice upcoming Javelina Hundred. Since achieving local running legend status with her need for organic mediterranean sea salted baked kale chips, Race Director Richard Schlenk made sure she entered the most difficult of his distances. Having a lot to prove about her kale chip preferences, she brought along her sister and carefully watched her every move at the aid station (we didn’t teach her that, Michelle - so sorry!). “The kale chips worked at Moebius,” she was heard exclaiming on her way down the Pennywise path.

RD Schlenk’s awkward fascination with skulls and Pennywise in an already horrific race haunted Jen for a good two laps of the 4 loop course. Luckily, she has a good coach. Here’s what she had to say about the race:

“Connie helped me to plan my race strategy, and reminded me wisely that this was a training run for a big race coming up—this would come back to help me finish the race.  However, I also came in with the strategy to learn the course on the first loop, and try to keep it consistent, starting the race in the 3rd and 4th loop.  Learning that the race doesn’t “start” at the “start” has been such a valuable lesson. I tend to be pretty cerebral and deliberate, so applying this to running has helped me to run, race and train smarter. The results truly pay off. Going in to the race on the 1st and 2nd loop, I had a huge distraction and knew I needed to step it back and treat it as a training run, and appreciate the challenge.  I still applied Connie’s recommendation to save my legs on the very technical sections and run on the runnable sections, in essence, run my own race. Track sessions certainly helped me to pick it up to 8:45 and 9:00 minute miles, while the long slow training runs on tired legs gave me the confidence to continue even though I felt like I had nothing left.  Despite the race not going quite as planned, I recalled all of the training sessions and remembered to have fun with such a great running community.”

A big thanks to Richard Schlenk for putting on such a great race and for fundraising for local hero, Liz Ferro at Girls With Sole.