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Coaching you through hell and back

Running is an idea. You try it out, work with the results, and keep moving. Wicked Running LLC takes you through the paces with individualized training, race strategy, and never-ending pursuit of your goals.

Emily Collins is out of control

A high school sprinter setting records in the 200m, 4x200 and 4x400, Emily Collins came to Wicked Running LLC with nothing more than a couple of BQ marathons and 50ks under her belt. About a week after seeking coaching from Connie to better her marathon time, she found herself about 60 miles into the inaugural Canal Corridor 100 wondering if she could catch her new coach. She didn’t. She took second for the women in her first hundred miler.

Since that time, she’s completed a bunch of 100s and 24-hour events, run with her coach diagonally across West Virginia and from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC, and even secured a couple of overall wins along the way. Throughout it all, she’s trained almost identically to the Hoban Archbishop freshman boys team: running roughshod up hills, wildly sprinting on the track, and, uniquely, getting to races after driving for hours and pulling all-nighters to operate her little 2-office, nonprofit environmental law practice. After taking second (again) in the 334-mile run to DC and missing her own fundraiser in her name at the finish, she plans to run all multi-day running events with a beer in her Nathan vest just-in-case of another second place finish to her coach, who will drink all the beer.

Generally on the left side of the uncoachable to coachable scale, she’ll win a couple and drop a couple of races depending on that day’s goals and whatever level of stress her entrepreneurship addiction produces at the time. She consistently violates the first tenant of Wicked Running’s racing philosophy: “have fun,” as evidenced by every single race picture ever taken of her.   

Somehow, and despite it all, she has gotten fit by haphazardly chasing her coach and first place without any sense of her actual pace. While most runners with Wicked Running have a plan and intend to achieve reasonable results, Emily does not, but seeks coaching anyway. Maybe she’ll break 3:20 in her marathons this year, but also maybe not. If she can make the start, you can catch her at Olander, Northcoast and The Big Pour in September and The Stinger in Hampton, Georgia in November.

Here’s what she had to say about being coached by Connie: “She’s the perfect coach for me. She’ll never let me believe for a second that I’ve figured it out because she sees running as a process of continual growth and risk-taking. Racing is what you do to feel human and worthwhile. The best thing about working with Connie is that she comes to each run as your equal. She’s still trying to figure out this running thing too. And she’s excited when someone wants to try to figure it out with her. That’s the best kind of teacher – the one who learns by teaching. That’s Connie.”