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Jennifer Duncan Goes West!

From the humid hills of Northeast Ohio to Lake Tahoe, Wicked Running athlete Jen Duncan has been PRing all over the place. She's been training hard, but had this to say about her group workouts with the Wicked Running crew: "Working with the group keeps me accountable and motivated. Our workouts are challenging and functional. I have seen immediate improvement in my racing, PR'ing at distances from a half marathon to a 50k. Connie's experience level at almost any distance brings practical and applicable knowledge to my running. Her confidence in you transfers to confidence in yourself. Aside from all of the hard work, the group builds a camaraderie where we have fun and encourage each other. It's what makes the local running community so great. 

2016 Wambaw Swamp Stomp-76.jpg

Her latest goal: the Tahoe Rim Trail 50. Check. Here are a few excerpts from her race report:

It's so hard to put into words my experience at TRT 50. I'm a list person, so it's fitting that I express my thoughts in that way:

The course. THAT COURSE. The race motto, "A glimpse of heaven, a taste of hell." Is spot on. Heaven: the views, the challenges, the backcountry. I loved being completely immersed in the beauty. I stopped and took pictures, but it doesn't do it justice. Hell: Two words. Diamond Peak. I am not a skier, but when I passed a black diamond sign, and realized I was still going way up, and then saw the double black diamond sign. Good Grief. 40 steps, then pause. Climbing up the double black diamond hill was insane. Better yet, who the hell skis down that?!

My fellow runners. There is a huge amount of camaraderie that attracted me to this sport. To the guy who told me "I am barely moving," yet I had to let him know "Dude, you're running." and making a "drink" (iced club soda) for a fellow racer who was eyeing mine.

Aid Station Volunteer at Hobart: LIfe saver. I am not sure of your name, but when you addressed me by name "Jennifer, do you need anything?" It clicked that I needed salt, vegetable broth and pickle juice saved me. Thank You.

My believers: Connie GardnerEmily Collins, and countless others. Your encouragement and belief in my ability to tackle this beast helped to propel me forward with "relentless forward motion."

Family and friends, even though some of you think I am insane for running that far, I hope I encourage to you find your edge.

The skeptics: Thank YOU. I had someone tell me that they didn't think I could do it. That was the fuel I needed to get out there and prove you wrong. Booyah!

On my trip home, I read a quote that captured this adventure well. "The two greatest risks in life are risking too little and risking too much." On to the next adventure.