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Coaching you through hell and back

Running is an idea. You try it out, work with the results, and keep moving. Wicked Running LLC takes you through the paces with individualized training, race strategy, and never-ending pursuit of your goals.

Fueled by donuts, intellect and a refreshing fashion sense for belt buckle style, The Syd runs her first hundred.

Sydney Chinchana has taken over the Northeast Ohio ultrarunning scene with her quick wit, interest in donuts, beer and ultrarunner waste elimination systems, and marketing prowess. She took on her first hundred miler within about a month of her second 50 miler over the summer. She had this to say about joining us at the track:

"Track workouts used to be my least favorite training and I tried to avoid it in every way. When I joined the track group, it changed my perspective. Connie and the group make me work hard, push myself beyond my comfort zone, and keep me accountable. I remember the first time I came to the track I thought I was going to die but I did not. It turned out that regular track workouts make me stronger as a runner. Thanks to this group for making it 10 times more enjoyable."