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Ann Wehener tackles Ohio's toughest 50 milers

Wicked Runner Ann Wehener chose her first 50 miler in Ohio's most challenging of courses: the Mohican 50 Mile Trail Run.

She trained for both with Connie's guidance and by utilizing the Wicked Running group runs. Here's what she had to say about her training experience:

"Running with my fellow Wicked Running runners has been nurturing, challenging and inspiring. Everyone wants everyone else to do well and we do what we can to make that happen. Connie does a great job at structuring the workouts so all pace levels get a great workout but still get the benefits of running with the group!

I consider myself an ordinary runner, but with hard work and Connie’s guidance, I have been able to accomplish extraordinary things (at least extraordinary to me)! With Connie’s lifelong experiences with running she can always empathize with whatever you may be going through and she has real, practical solutions to help you deal with any problems and meet your goals. She is always so excited when her runners meet their goals!"

Ann's Mohican 50 race report:

"First, the good news:
1. I finished.
2. Only fell once, and that was an easy fall.
3. I learned that I am a fairly decent power hiker, and passed many people doing so.
4. I learned that I can keep going when I feel like crap and I know my ability to run is going to be limited.
5. I did not cry in front of the Gorge Aid Station volunteers during my second loop, though I really felt like it.
6. I am now part of the 50 miler club!

Bad news:

1. I got off course about a mile or so.
2. My IT band acted up at the end of the first loop, so there was very limited running on the second loop—the steep downhills were especially painful.
3. I had to use a headlamp for the last mile or so.
4. I had to hoped for a sub-15 hour finish, but had to settle for a 15:37.

In the end, while I would have loved to have had the “perfect race”, dealing with adversity and the unexpected is really what ultranning is all about. So, in that sense, I guess I had a pretty good race after all. "

About a month later, she had yet another wicked success. Here's her report:

"BR Front 50 race report! For a race I signed up for at the last minute (thanks, Connie Gardner) and for one that I didn't really think I had trained for (besides running my first 50 at Mohican last month in some brutal conditions), I have to say I am pretty pleased. I was hoping to finish in 13 hours, and beat that with a 12:24 and an age group win. I had some wild dreams during the race of actually pulling off a sub-12 finish, but that kind of vanished at mile 32 or so, when they made me run 4 miles on the towpath in the heat of the day. I kept telling myself "how bad do you want that sub-12 hour finish?" and it turned out, not so much. My low points were from 33-40 or so, where I walked more than I would have liked, but I perked up then for a strong finish. Frankly, my only big regret was missing some crucial body parts with my 2Toms (though, in my defense, I had not had issues with those parts before)--the chafing was kind of epic this time.

I want to thank Adrienna Frazer and Aaron Dolezal for graciously giving me a ride to the start; Connie Gardner for making me see the possbility; to my fellow Tuesday Track Club members for their support--Emily CollinsSydney ChinchanaAdrienna Frazer and Jennifer Duncan; for my runner friends I saw on the course and at the finish line--Lexi Grum StokesMark Humphrey and Giovanna Iacobacci (it was great seeing friendly faces); and of course all of the volunteers out there who made this race possible.

Finally, I have to thank my husband, Jim Arnold, who puts up with this crazy running habit!"

Nice work, Ann! You're wicked fit.