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Adrienna Frazer perfectly balances life with running successes

Wicked Runner Adrienna Frazer has spent the last year PRing more than just her races, which ranged from 1 mile to 50 miles on road and trail. By prioritizing her family, herself and her passion for animal rescue, she has raced well. Scroll through these pictures. They tell it all.


Behind all of her great runs and activities is her greatest fan: Aaron Dolezal.



Adrienna's recent runs include the Liberty Mile in Pittsburgh, Burning River Front Half 50 miler, and the Hell Hath No Hurry 50k. Here's her Burning River race report:

I went into the Front 50 of the Burning River Endurance Run and Relay with a range of goals: A goal of sub-11 hours; B goal of sub-12 and C goal to just finish. With a finishing time of 11:09:21 in perfect weather, I am solidly in B+/A- territory and an age group win was a welcome bonus! 9th woman and 35th overall.

Thanks so much to Aaron, Indy and my friends for the support and encouragement throughout training and the race.

The first 40 miles went great, and the last 10 were a struggle, though I must note that they still weren’t quite in my “worst case” column on my pace chart.

Things I did well: Staying on top of food, salt and hydration and keeping my attitude in check.

Things I didn’t do so well: Riding out a blister instead of taking care of it and hiking uphill.

I’m not sure I’ll do another 50, but it’s a possibility. 100 is still not on my radar – those people are true badasses.

Next up: Getting some turnover back on my stubby leggies!