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Coaching you through hell and back

Running is an idea. You try it out, work with the results, and keep moving. Wicked Running LLC takes you through the paces with individualized training, race strategy, and never-ending pursuit of your goals.

Any surface, any distance to build ultra fitness

The Wicked Running crew spent the last weekend in September getting in some PRs in fast road races on tired legs. Ann Wehener, Katrina Burns & Jen Duncan raced in a technical, tough trail race the weekend before taking on the Akron Marathon and Half Marathon. The results? Ann PR’d her marathon by 31 minutes; Katrina PR’d her Akron Half by 18 minutes; and Jen is quickly headed toward a BQ marathon with her 1:46 Akron Half Marathon performance.

And then there’s “Nothing-Phases-Me” Adrienna Frazier, who ran a strong relay leg in the Akron Marathon on Saturday then turned around and raced a fine pace at The Great Race 10k in hilly Pittsburgh the next day. After a quick visit to Wigle Whiskey in the Burgh, Connie and Emily joined her at the Great Race to try for fast turnover on tired legs, a tried and true method that leads to successful results in ultras. Just a week after her fast 100 and 2nd place 24-hour at Northcoast 24-Hour, Emily managed a decent 43:18 10k on trashed legs.

We take on short road races to test our fitness and toughness. Running roads after pounding it out on a different surface or distance the week before is hellishly difficult. The Wicked Running team proved as tough as nails through a no-rest-for-the-weary kind of weekend. Next up: a third level of hell as the team takes on soft surface marathons, half marathons, and 50 milers this coming weekend. Congrats on the inferno navigation, team!